Garden Packages

January 6, 2017 by Amanda Hoyt-McBeth

We want to work with you over time to support the health and prductivity of your landscape. All gardens need a little TLC and updating from time to time. Schedule seasonal maintenance visits or design/install consults to keep things vibrant and looking fresh.


Seasonal/Bi-Annual Maintenance

At each maintenance visit we will make sure the plants are healthy, weed, prune, remove yard debris, and spread a layer of compost or mulch to keep the soil and plant roots protected. This is a great, low cost way to make sure that the investment you’ve made in your landscape is protected and that your garden continues to thrive each year.

One-time visit with crew:  $395   

Two crew visits a year: $750   



Garden Design Consultation

Do you have a vision but just need to fine tune it or hear professional ideas that will help you meet your budget and aesthetic? We can meet with you to discuss any and all of your outdoor projects and offer design and installation input on a range of topics, including construction, patios and paths, design challenges and plant picks.

On-site design meeting and follow up written report and recommendations: $225



Nursery Consultation

Are you a DIY gardener just looking for a little help selecting the best plants for your space? We’re here to help. Dorsey Kilbourn, a certified ecological landscape designer, will meet you at the nursery of your choice, and help you to select the best plants for your design constraints - The conversation at the nursery will focus on your needs and dreams for your site, and you can work with Dorsey to pick the best plants for shady and sunny spots, wet or dry soil, and privacy screening, and how to create an interesting landscape using plants of all shapes and sizes, native or exotic.

1 hour with designer: $100