When Hard Rains Fall- Stormwater Management

December 10, 2015 by Mandi Hoyt-McBeth

Rainy season is upon us once again and chances are if you haven’t taken care of your drainage issues yet you are seeing the damaging effects stormwater can have. Here are some things you can do as a homeowner to protect your property from stormwater damage;

• Clean out all gutters and make sure downspouts are clear of debris and blockages

• Make sure the ground and hardscape surfaces around your foundation are sloping away from the house

• Direct your downspouts away from your foundation while keeping the stormwater from eroding your yard or dumping into the street (or your neighbor’s yard!). For example, you can discharge into rain gardens or drainage swales

• A French drain can be utilized if site conditions won’t allow for proper surface drainage

 This homeowner's downspout is directed into a rain garden just behind the path. It is planted water loving grasses and ferns and top dressed with crushed rock to prevent erosion

This home's downspouts are directed into a rain garden along the step stone path. It is planted with water-loving grasses, ferns and natives and topdressed with crushed rock to prevent erosion.

This photo shows a rain garden in the making. It has two downspouts directed towards the drainage pit to keep water from draining right by the home's foundation. In the middle of installing it we had a heavy rain that allowed us to see how the rain garden would absorb the stormwater. It was then amended with rock and soil and planted.