Paperwhites + Vodka Experiment: Vodka Wins!

January 21, 2016 by Amanda Hoyt-McBeth

Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta) are a lovely white bulb you can grow indoors in the winter to brighten up the dark days and add a sweet fragrance to your home.

This year I planted half my Paperwhite bulbs in 1/2 vodka + 1/2 water (on left), and the other bulbs in water only (right). The bulbs with vodka were slow to take off but stayed compact and continue to look great after 5 weeks. The bulbs planted in just water were bloomed a bit earlier, but after a couple weeks got leggy and began to fall over and wilt. Both were planted the same day mid-December.

The bulbs planted in vodka (left) look great and last much longer than ones in just water. I thank my mother-in-law for the tip!