Fall Planters add Impact to Outdoor Spaces

October 30, 2019 by Amanda Hoyt-McBeth

Fall's striking colors are here. As leaves blanket our gardens, many of our spring and summer show stoppers are looking a bit tired.

Now is a great time to shift garden gears! With oncoming rains and darker skies, making planters is a fun way to celebrate the change of seasons. Planters are sure to bring bursts of color to your outdoor spaces and can last through the winter. 


This planter is our fall season pallete that contains a variety of evergreen and perennials.


 The plants include an orange sedge for an evergreen background and Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' for texture.  The Heuchera 'Spellbound' brings a blast of purple color and Hypericum 'Magical Triumph' for eye-ctahing berries and flowers.  The Autumn Ferns adds a nice green balance. 

 This planter contains all natives!  The Salal and Kinnikinnick are great evergreens while the Cinquefoil   adds texture.  The sedge is a great pop of gold color that ties everything together. 

 We can design & install seasonal planters for you!

Habitat Gardens will send a designer over to help you determine where and how to incorporate planters into your outdoor spaces. We can work with pots you already have or supply new ones.  We’ll produce a design and procure all plants and materials needed for the project.


For details on pricing and to schedule a meeting, email