Crispy Garden? Time for a quick cleanup!

September 5, 2017 by Dorsey Kilbourn

September is upon us and there is no real rain in sight. My garden is looking dry and shabby. Is yours?



There are a few things you can do to spruce up your garden before the rains return. Now is the time to nip off those dead flowers, yank out your wilted brown wildflowers, and then rake up the fallen dead bits to freshen up your mulch. It really makes a world of difference! I documented my garden cleanup this morning. I only spent about an hour out there, and it looks so much better.


My garden was looking wild, neglected, and brown.
The once beautiful wildflowers were brown and drooping from the weight of all their dead flowers.

There were some nice looking shrubs, blooming flowers, and greenery in there,
but they were burried by the chaos of brown poppies and bachelor buttons. 

All these wild flowers were from a single mixed packet of seeds I threw around the yard this spring.
They treated us well, but it was past time to clear them out.

An example of Shasta Daisies before and after deadheading.
I snipped it down far below the dead flowers so that only green remains.

A cleanup success! A full green bin. I used my two hands, my garden snips, and a leaf rake.
Then I gave the whole yard a deep watering.

After clearing out wildflowers, deadheading, and snipping off most of the brown leaves I came across,
I was left with a good amount of exposed hemlock mulch and a much tidier looking fall garden!

All of this only took an hour of my time.
I only wonder why I didn't do it a couple weeks ago!

Now it's time for my young Crepe Myrtle to fill the space with its blooms!